New trees damaged by vandals in parks

Boston Road Recreation Ground. EMN-160525-174717001
Boston Road Recreation Ground. EMN-160525-174717001

Sleaford Town Council has announced that trees at a number of sites have 
recently been vandalised.

In a statement on the council’s website and 
Facebook page, it said young trees at the Recreation Ground, George Street and Sheldrake have been ripped up and thrown around.

The council had only 
recently embarked on a tree planting scheme, boosted by funding from Tesco’s carrier bag fees.

Town Mayor David 
Suiter told the Standard it was terrible: “It is quite an investment to get a reasonably sized tree. You don’t expect every tree you plant to survive, but it is disappointing so early on to have casualties through someone’s stupidity.”

The council hopes these are relatively isolated cases and not part of a more widespread phase of damage. The trees will be replaced in due course. But residents are asked to report any trees on council land being damaged by telephoning 01529 303456; email; or Facebook.