NKDC executive votes to go ahead with ban on garden waste in black household waste bins

NKDC has voted to ban garden waste from black household rubbish bins. EMN-140909-120820001
NKDC has voted to ban garden waste from black household rubbish bins. EMN-140909-120820001

Residents who continue to put garden waste into their black bin face having it left behind from next April.

A change of policy will be considered by North Kesteven District Councillors meeting at the end of the month, which would place a ban on the disposal of garden waste in the black bins.

This is the recommendation from the Council’s Executive Board which (Sept 16) unanimously supported measures to ensure the black bins are only used or disposing of any residual waste that cannot be recycled or composted. Full Council will make a decision on September 25.Up to now the council has always discouraged householders from putting garden waste in with their non-recyclable waste, but it is calculated that around 2,500 tonnes is still being put into the black bins each year.

This affects the burning efficiency and capacity of the Energy from Waste plant where all black-bin waste is incinerated now and costs more to dispose of than through composting.

From next year bins with garden waste in them will be tagged in the first instance and then left behind if they continue to be contaminated. As a last resort fixed penalty notices could still be considered.

Coun Richard Wright, who has Executive oversight for environmental matters, said: “With options to pay for the convenience of having regular garden waste collections from home, to compost at home or take it to a household waste recycling centre in Sleaford, Leadenham, Whisby or Lincoln, there is really no reason for people continuing to put garden waste in their black bins alongside residual waste.

“It is only fair for all tax payers, not just the 60 per cent who have already opted to pay for garden waste collections, that we take this step to protect resources and enhance the quality of waste services. Having heard that we were considering this move, I’ve had a number of residents call me to express their full support,” said Coun Wright.