Plan for solar farm at Burton Pedwardine approved

New solar energy could be making its way to old farm lands after an application was approved by planners.

Lark Energy Ltd have applied to North Kesteven District Council’s planning committee to turn land at Grange Farm, on Asgarby Road in Burton Pedwardine, into a solar farm with enough panels to power over 3,000 homes.

The 56,500 panels would be set at a 30C angle to the ground, placed in 88 rows and would generate 15MW of electricity, which would be powered back into the National Grid. A security fence measuring 2.25 metres would be built around the perimeter.

The land has been deemed unsuitable for farming due to poor soil quality but it was noted that it could be used for grazing sheep.

Kirkby-la-Thorpe parish council have given no objections to the project and the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust have also expressed their pleasure with the plans, pledging to support the enhancement of the site.

Coun Ross Little leant his support to the application: “I’m very pleased with the application, this is going to be the future and I’m very happy to propose it.”

However Coun Brighton wasn’t so happy with the plans and said that she would vote against it: “I’m horrified, the whole world is short of food and energy panels will take away farm land.”

And Coun David Dickinson joked that if the land is suitable for sheep, that the sheep will be happy to hide under the panels when it rains to keep dry.

The planning committee approved the application at the meeting on Tuesday.