Plans to hand over management of watercourses on fenland

Environment Agency
Environment Agency

A pilot project designed to give local organisations and communities more say over management of local watercourses is inviting people to comment on plans for the South Forty Foot catchment this month.

The project is exploring the potential to re-designate several sections of waterway where the Environment Agency will hand over day to day maintenance to local partners.

The project aims to allow local organisations who know the layout of their land best to take control of their watercourses. This could pave the way for further such schemes throughout England. The project will also ensure Environment Agency resources are prioritised where there is greatest flood risk.

One of the five national pilot projects is in the South Forty Foot area in Lincolnshire, identifying 17 miles across seven watercourses, with the Black Sluice Internal Drainage Board taking responsibility for maintaining them in future.

Public drop-in sessions will allow interested parties to find out about the proposals and give feedback on: October 9, 1pm-6pm at Rippingale Village Hall; October 11, 1pm-6pm at Billingborough Village Hall; and October 18, 1pm-6pm at Helpringham Memorial Hall.

This will be followed by formal consultation on GOV.UK scheduled for December. Barring objections, changes will take place next July.