RSPCA warning of the dangers of ragwort

THE RSPCA has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the effects of ragwort poisoning on horses and livestock.

The concern is that ragwort poisoning does not show symptoms until liver damage has occurred and it is usually too late to save the animals.

An RSPCA spokesman said: “It appears people are still not aware of the dangers ragwort poses to horses or livestock.

“Sadly we know all too well the fatal consequences this weed can have and it can have an absolutely devastating effect. It is heartbreaking when we see fields covered with this potentially lethal plant and it is growing next to where horses or livestock are happily grazing.

“We are certain that if the animals’ owners were aware of the dangers, they would remove this weed immediately.”

Ragwort flowers from late June onwards to early autumn and it is at this stage that it needs to be destroyed.