Smaller wind farm shrinks substation


A power company has revised plans for its proposed offshore wind farm project meaning a substation near Sleaford will be halved in size.

Work on the Triton Knoll site design being developed off the Lincolnshire Coast has resulted in RWE npower renewables deciding to progress with a reduced capacity of between 600 and 900 megawatts, rather than the maximum 1200 megawatts – still powering between 550,000 and 800,000 UK households.

The company says the revised design would maximise efficiency as part of a review to make the site more competitive and economic in line with Government proposals to bring down the cost of offshore wind.

More detailed design work on the onshore infrastructure has reduced the footprint for the onshore substation planned for Bicker Fen, bordering Little Hale Fen, by more than 50 per cent. A maximum of 8.6 hectares (about 12 football pitches) would now be needed rather than 20 hectares.

Local communities will take part in a formal consultation on the substation plans when they are officially submitted. As a neighbouring parish consultee Little Hale Parish Council had expressed concerns about the substation site’s size, impact on the environment and potential noise. It was to discuss the developments at a meeting last night (Tuesday).