Solar power to the people

NKDC offices, Sleaford.
NKDC offices, Sleaford.

North Kesteven District Council is preparing to generate some of its own electricity.

Building on its record of promoting and embracing sustainable energy in its housing and leisure buildings, the council is now going to install 52 solar panels on its Kesteven Street headquarters in Sleaford after its planning sub-committee gave the go-ahead last Tuesday.

There will be four banks of 13 panels in a horizontal row on the south side of the roof behind the council chamber, which is not overlooked, cannot be seen from the Listed Building alongside or from Eastgate and is the most effective place for the scheme’s efficiency. The scheme is limited to not affect the Listed Building or Conservation Area.

With an installation cost of around £20,000, these would generate 11,651kWh which, based on the current tariff rate and feed-in tariff, would contribute £3,000 a year to the council, paying for itself in seven years.

Coun Richard Wright, from the council’s Executive Board, said it was important that the council lead by example. “It is very much about doing the responsible thing, not only for the environment, but also in respect of our residents as we seek to generate income and reduce our costs in all possible areas,” he said.

The council pledges to cut carbon emissions by 40 per cent by 2020. The solar panels will be installed in the new year.