South Kesteven residents asked to stick to the rules on bin day

South Kesteven District Council news.
South Kesteven District Council news.
  • Bins and bags should be placed out for collection at the edge of a property closest to the public highway by 7.30am on the day of collection.
  • Bin lids must be closed, otherwise the vehicle’s lifting equipment can damage them.
  • Place bins with handles facing outwards. This helps the council’s operatives collect bins quicker, meaning less delays to traffic on single file roads as our vehicles operate.
  • Ensure bins are not too heavy by not overloading it. If it is overweight the vehicles will not be able to lift it.
  • The council cannot take any extra waste that is left out with black bins on household waste collection days.
  • Make sure only the correct recyclable materials are placed in your silver bin or clear bags, otherwise it will not be collected. You can view a complete list at or use the recycling wheel distributed to households.
  • Ensure that all recyclables are clean before putting them in a silver bin or clear bag. Place any shredded paper in a bag to avoid it blowing away during the bin emptying process.

Householders in South Kesteven are being asked to follow guidelines around bin and bag collections in the district.

The council’s Streetcare Services are aware the vast majority of residents already follow the key rules to ensure collections operate as smoothly as possible and recycle the correct items in silver bins or clear bags.

It is now requesting all residents follow the simple steps listed.

SKDC’s portfolio holder for Healthy Environment Coun Nick Craft said: “Residents that take the time to follow these guidelines are helping us fulfil our pledge to keep the district cleaner, greener and healthier and we thank them for their continued support.

“We would like even more residents to help us so we can, for example, increase our recycling rate and ensure the correct items are put in the correct bin or bag.

“If you’re ever unsure which item goes in which bin or bag, consult the webpage or contact us via the website “