Wildlife scheme to control pest issue

A PARISH council is planning to promote wildlife while keeping on top of a pest problem in the village cemetery.

The plan is to enlist the services of a local birds of prey expert, Darren Webster, to buy and install nesting boxes for owls to settle in the cemetery on Boston Road, Heckington.

The owls in turn would feed on the vermin and rabbits currently causing a headache in the Boston Road cemetery.

Members of the parish council opted to pay for a couple of nesting boxes, at £100 each, to be positioned at suitable locations and wait to see what birds of prey, such as barn owls, might make them their homes.

Council member Liz Peto said she was concerned that they had not sought advice from the RSPB but she was assured that it would be a natural process of simply encouraging native species to move in rather than introducing new birds, such as hawks, to the area.