Ex-teacher’s sequel to debut fiction novel

Going back to school with his latest book, Sleafords Malcolm Moyes.
Going back to school with his latest book, Sleafords Malcolm Moyes.

A ex-assistant headteacher at a Sleaford school has published a sequel to the novel which saw him debut as a fiction writer last year.

The Boy Who Still Preferred to be Somebody Else is the latest work of Malcolm Moyes, 64, of Sleaford.

Dr Moyes retired from Carre’s Grammar School as assistant headteacher in 2015, having been there since 1998.

Last year, the ex-English teacher made his debut as a fiction writer with The Boy Who Preferred to be Somebody Else. This charted the early life of mischief-maker Arry Trumper.

Now, Dr Moyes has published the follow-up which sees Trumper move on to secondary school. Readers are told to expect a series of comic antics, blags, and ruses.

“I just enjoyed writing the first one so much I felt compelled to wrote a second and I enjoyed writing that one even more,” he said.

Dr Moyes says the book is not based on any school at which he has taught, but his background in education did help in the telling of the tale.

“I found I had a strong grasp of the material I was dealing with,” he said. “It wasn’t purely imagination.”

The book is aimed primarily at children aged 11 to 14.

It is available from the publisher, Troubadour Press, and from Amazon and Waterstones online.