Fighting to save Lafford School buildings

VILLAGERS in Billinghay are up in arms over plans to demolish their old secondary school amid fears the site will be sold for housing development.

With the closure of the Lafford High School at the end of the current school term,it has emerged that Lincolnshire County Council, who own the site, are currently considering plans to tear down the school buildings.

Residents and former pupils immediately sprung into action and villager Emma Creasey created a Facebook group after she attended the Lafford School reunion on Saturday and learned of the school building's fate.

The group now has 360 members in just over a week and a petition is now circulating around the village, as well as online, as the campaign to save the school building gathers pace.

Villagers have also been in correspondence with Sleaford MP Stephen Phillips and appealed to him for his support. They have even written to Prime Minister David Cameron.

Mr Phillips said: "The closure of the school was something decided upon by the county council for some time before I was the MP and there is little I can do about that in particular.

"What does concern me, however, is the loss of the facilities offered by the school to the local community and the fact, as I have been told (but which has not been confirmed to me), that residents were promised the site would not be used for housing redevelopment."

Mr Phillips is contacting council offers about the issue.

Villager Zoe Clark, who is a former pupil of the Lafford School, said: "We are a strong community and are unhappy to hear that our school is to be demolished in the next few weeks.

"There is great concern the site is to be used for housing and that a decision on that, it appears, is going ahead without a meeting or letting the public know."

John Giblin, spokesman for Lincolnshire County Council, said: "There has been no formal decision to demolish the Lafford School building yet and nothing will be decided until the end of term."

You can find the the online petition at

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