Film fundraiser finds its wings

A scene from the filming of Our Shining Sword. Photo:
A scene from the filming of Our Shining Sword. Photo:

Sleaford filmmakers battling to bring their tale of a Second World War bomber crew to the big screen have seen their latest fundraiser take flight.

However, the search goes on to find an investor who can bring in the capital needed to finish the film.

Tin Hat Productions first spoke to the Standard in January 2014 about their plans for their first feature-length production, Our Shining Sword.

While the project has enjoyed high-profile support (TV’s Stephen Fry backed it to his millions of followers on Twitter), it has struggled to attract the financial backing required to realise the filmmakers’ vision.

Last week, in the face of a cash flow crisis that threatened to halt filming, Tin Hat Productions launched an online appeal for funds on

They asked for £500 to help them build their Lancaster Bomber set and, within a day, the target had been reached.

At the time of writing, the total amount donated stood at £1,600, with another 23 days left to run on the appeal.

Andy Burn, 50, from Tin Hat Productions, described the response as ‘very encouraging’.

This is not the first time the filmmakers have used the crowdfunding website in aid of Our Shining Sword, but what is different on this occasion is how wide-reaching the support has been.

“This time, we are getting money coming in from the US, Czech Republic and all sorts of other places,” said Andy. “It is travelling.”

Andy said he believed a factor in this fundraiser’s success was that the target was set strategically low as it can help the campaign gain a more prominent place on the indiegogo website. Other factors, he said, were the celebrity-like status of the Lancaster aircraft and evidence of how far they have come with the production (about 60 to 70 per cent of the film has been shot).

“This time, there is something tangible,” he said. “We are not asking for something that may or may not happen. This is happening.”

He said, however, while the initial target has been hit, funds are still needed, with the campaign updated with so-called ‘stretch goals’.

Andy estimates between £12,000 and £20,000 will be needed to finish filming and about the same again for post-production.

To achieve this, Tin Hat Productions hope to attract a shareholder to invest in the film.

Andy said: “We are looking for someone we get on with and wants to work with us.”

You can support the campaign by searching for Our Shining Sword at www. and for more on the film visit www.our