Fire service calls for common sense after having to deal with out of control bonfires in hot dry conditions

Fire and Rescue.
Fire and Rescue.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service is warning people to be extra careful about starting bonfires in Lincolnshire’s current tinder-dry conditions

The message comes as Metheringham firefighters were called out to an address in Princes Street in the village at 9.30pm last night (Tuesday) to put out a garden fire.

A fire service spokesman said a garden waste bonfire had been allowed to spread to a conifer hedge.

The crew used a hose reel to put out the hedge and rubbish.

The fire service added: “Please help us to prevent grass and field fires. Don’t start a fire unless you have sited it away from surrounding vegetation, have adequate supplies of water nearby and are watching it at all times. If you see a fire out of control report it quickly, fires spread fast.”

The spokesman added: “We have attended a large number of fires throughout the day and this evening caused by bonfires which have then spread. Please avoid having a bonfire during these hot and dry conditions. #CommonSense.”