Flicks venue has been boarded up until night time trade improves

THE owner of Sleaford nightclub Flicks has told the Standard that unless the night-time trade improves dramatically, he does not see it re-opening for some time.

Phil Broughton closed the nightclub on Southgate in September and has just boarded up the windows and entrance to deter vandals.

He said: “Nothing is shut for good. It could open tomorrow, but there are just not enough people in town at the moment and we were getting less and less help from the police.

“The local police on the ground are fantastic, but they are bringing in more from out of town and they don’t want to be here at 4am in the morning, they want to be home.”

Mr Broughton’s other interest, The Penthouse bar in Market Place, is due to reopen again within the next three to four weeks but he said Flicks would stay boarded up for the foreseeable future.

He said: “It is an entertainment venue. I opened it really for live entertainment but really very few locals want live entertainment.

“We used to pay 6,000 a night for a top DJ but you can’t keep doing that and then not getting people in. It is a shame because we wanted to bring the big names to Sleaford.

“I don’t see our place opening again. There is no way a nightclub can exist at the moment, not even a little one.”

Mr Broughton felt Sleaford desperately needed regeneration in the town centre to revive its fortunes.

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