Flood hit residents of Boston evacuated to Caythorpe and Grantham

Boston Bus Station after the flood
Boston Bus Station after the flood

Families evacuated from flooded parts of Boston, reported as being the worst flood in living memory, were transported to Grantham and Caythorpe last night.

By about 7pm last night (Thursday), the River Haven in Boston burst its banks, flooding streets throughout the town centre – with many people evacuated to the town’s Princess Royal Sports Arena (PRSA) or urged to stay upstairs away from the water.

The PRSA itself went on to be evacuated as it, too, is on a flood plain. The people there were taken to PGL adventure centre at Caythorpe and the Prince William of Gloucester Barracks in Grantham to stay overnight.

The Standard’s sister newspaper, the Boston Standard, is covering the situation as it unfolds and its own office has been affected by the floods. One resident, Alan King, of Kings of Stickney, was one of the bus drivers helping to transport people.

He told The Standard: “The council called us at 3pm and asked us if we had any buses available to take people to Caythorpe and different venues so we answered the call.

“One of our buses has already gone to Caythorpe and we will be here until we are needed.

“This goes to show people can come together.”

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