Forging a fitting tribute in metal

Tim Mackereth. Anwick Forge EMN-160826-101437001
Tim Mackereth. Anwick Forge EMN-160826-101437001

Blacksmith Tim Mackereth (pictured) is off to Belgium next month to showcase his work at a major exhibition.

The exhibition is part of an international blacksmithing event in Ypres at which well over 100 blacksmiths from around the world will be coming together to create a cenotaph for the 21st century to be installed near to the German war cemetery at Langemark-Poelkapelle. It will be unveiled on November 5.

Tim, who works from Anwick Forge, was accepted for the exhibition with his design called ‘Reflection’, a semi-abstract illustration of the notion that in war injury, death and loss are indiscriminate and take no account of rank, class, gender, nationality, faith or race.

The exhibition, called ‘Transition’, will be housed in a large gallery space in the centre of Ypres, close to where the six-day forging event, organised by members of the British Artist Blacksmiths Association (BABA) and its Belgian sister-organisation, ASG, will be taking place.

Former soldier Tim, the current chairman of BABA, said:“I never expected my twin careers as blacksmith and soldier to intersect in such a way, but I’m delighted that they have. It’s been a privilege to have been part of the massive BABA effort that has made this magnificent remembrance event happen.”