Former Sleaford police officer’s behaviour ruled as gross misconduct by panel after admitting carrying on secret affair with married lover while on duty

Lincolnshire Police
Lincolnshire Police

A police officer who carried on a secret relationship with his married lover while he was on duty, a was today (Wednesday) ruled to have committed gross misconduct.

PC Darren Perry, who was based at Sleaford, met up with the woman, referred to as ‘A’, a number of times when he was working and exchanged dozens of text messages.

‘A’ told Perry, who was himself married, that she had been subjected to domestic violence at the hands of her husband but he took no action because he feared that by raising the matter the illicit relationship would be revealed.

A gross misconduct hearing at Boston heard that Perry, who has since resigned from the force, met up with ‘A’ in the Sleaford area and sent her over 200 text messages while he was supposed to be on duty.

David Ring, for Lincolnshire Police authority, told the hearing that Perry had been advised by his Sergeant to end the relationship but carried on regardless.

He said: “In effect the officer bunked off work to see his girlfriend for an hour on a number of occasions.”

Perry did not attend today’s hearing. The panel found in 11 out of 12 breaches of standards of professional behaviour amounted to gross misconduct. He had admitted all 12 matters.

Mr Ring said: “The allegation is that on various dates between August 2014 and July 2016 his conduct breached the standards of professional behaviour.”

He said that in February 2016 ‘A’, in a text conversation with Perry, identified a person she believed to be a drug dealer.

“He failed to take steps to report the information or cause it to be recorded on the police system.”

Perry also sent sexually explicit text messages to a second woman, referred to as ‘B’, and failed to pass on details of controlling behaviour she told him she has been subjected to.

Mr Ring said that checks carried out on Perry’s phone revealed he had accessed an inappropriate website and had engaged in inappropriate conversations within a WhatsApp group.

Insp Phil Clark, of the Police Federation, for Perry, said: “He asks you to recognise that he has assisted with the investigation throughout.”

The hearing continues tomorrow (Thursday).