‘From a dream to a nightmare’

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A magician from Sleaford has sounded a note of caution about moving to London to pursue a career after his stint in the capital.

Scott Perry, 29, moved to London in August, 2015, but in April of this year returned to Lincolnshire in light of what he described as “the terrible standard of living and economy”.

While in London, Scott racked up some impressive achievements, including performing for royalty and celebrities, but it was not enough to keep him there.

In his latest blog on his website (scottperrymagic.com), titled London Is A Lie, Scott explains his move back to Lincolnshire.

He said: “Since starting Scott Perry Magic and becoming a professional magician I have dreamed of living in London, a city on constant simmer ready to bring to the boil at the drop of a hat. A city where people discover themselves, where entrepreneurs run the gauntlet and artists are free to experiment.

“Recently, my dream became a reality but the reality is that the dream artists and entrepreneurs dream, is really more like a nightmare.”

Scott, formerly of St George’s College of Technology, writes that despite the success he was enjoying, performing for the likes of the Prince of Wales and Joanna Lumley, he was facing significant financial challenges.

“It didn’t take long for the realisation to set in that this wasn’t enough to cover my extortionate outgoings,” he said.

A big portion of his outgoings, he explains, went on his “dismal” room in a “mould-infested” house he shared with five other people. He would go on to develop severe dermatitis because of the conditions in the house, affecting his ability to work.

His blog also speaks of further obstacles in terms of increasing his cash flow that ultimately led to a move back to Lincolnshire, where he described himself as “working on exciting new projects, happier and healthier than I’ve been in some time”.

Speaking to the Sleaford Standard this week from his work in Barcelona, Scott gave advice about pursuing a career in London.

He said: “My advice would be to do it, but know what you’re getting yourself in to.

“You will spend a lot of money but it will teach you lessons that money can’t buy. I know people in their late 30s still chasing the dream, paying £700 per month just for a single room in a house share and not knowing how they will pay next month’s rent.

“It’s really sad to see. That’s the reality for most people in the entertainment industry in London.”