Great-grandmother auctioning off fantastic fashion collection

Audrey Watson of Ruskington with some of her collection of clothes from the 60s and 70s that she has decided to auction off.
Audrey Watson of Ruskington with some of her collection of clothes from the 60s and 70s that she has decided to auction off.

More than 1,000 items of clothing from yesteryear belonging to a Ruskington great-grandmother are set to go under the hammer.

Audrey Watson, 85, built up the collection, which includes a number of high fashion labels and bespoke items, during the 60s and 70s.

Carly Ward modelling Audrey Watsons clothes.

Carly Ward modelling Audrey Watsons clothes.

Mrs Watson, who still enjoys keeping up with the latest fashions, said she loved unusual clothes, those that were different from what other people were wearing.

She bought many of the items shopping in Lincoln, Grantham and Nottingham where she trained to be a beauty therapist - along with excursions to London.

She said: “I have loved and treasured clothes since being a small child. I think the fact that I was a child/teenager in the war years had a huge impact on my attitude to looking after things, and making them last.”

She added: “I have to let some of them go. I feel I’ve had the responsibility of caring for the clothes all these years, and it has almost become a burden to me. I have less space now, and I would like to think that the clothes will be bought by someone who will enjoy wearing them, and values them as much as I have done.

“The clothes are very special to me and remind me of when I was a young woman and my children were small.”

Mrs Watson’s great-granddaughter Carlie Ward, 28, of Boston, has been helping her prepare her collection of 
petite clothes - and has modelled some of the distinctive retro items as they get set for sale.

She said: “It’s been an honour to be able to wear them because they are in such perfect condition still and nobody really has got clothes from that period.

“No one else has ever worn them except my great-grandma.”

Carlie, who works at Salon Alchemy, in Boston, said some of her favourite items were the high platform boots.

She also liked a white lace to-the-floor gown which she described as ‘just beautiful’.

“It’s like going back in time, it’s just amazing. You only see these sorts of clothes on dramas now on television,” she said.

Carlie has been given a flare dungaree set to keep as a thank you for trying the clothes on.

Mrs Watson’s collection will go on sale in May and is organised by Tenants Auctioneers. For details see Audrey’s Wardrobe on Facebook.