Hanna’s pop star birthday bid

Gary Barlow. EMN-160329-101855001
Gary Barlow. EMN-160329-101855001

Take That super fan Hanna East of Navenby is drumming up support for her campaign to get Gary Barlow to sing at her 30th birthday party.

The birthday bash is due to take place on August 13 and ever since the pop star announced he planned to sing at several 30th and 40th birthdays during this year, the 29-year-old has been tweeting his Twitter account with reasons for him to come to her party.

Hanna East of Navenby. A huge fan of Take That. EMN-160329-102017001

Hanna East of Navenby. A huge fan of Take That. EMN-160329-102017001

Last year the X Factor judge made couples’ days when he turned up to sing at their weddings and Hanna, who works for Clarks Shoes, said: “It started when my cousin saw something about Gary offering to come over for your birthday. So me and my friends and family said why not get him along for my 30th birthday. It is a joint party with my mum’s 65th.

“I have started a big campaign. Every day I am tweeting a reason for him to come. I am a Take That fan and went to see him at the last concert and was really close to the stage, so I tweeted a video I took to show him.

“I started 200 days before my birthday and now I have 150 to go. I am going to run out of ideas to tweet so if anybody has any thoughts then let me know.”

Hanna is tweeting under the hashtag #getgarytohannas30th

News of her campaign has spread and she said: “My telephone has been going mental with lots of support. Everyone is getting involved and it’s really exciting.”

The birthday party for around 80 guests is at an, as yet, secret location and has a festival theme with burger and ice cream vans. It would be her dream for the whole band to come along.

Hanna says she has been going to Take That concerts since she was six when she went with her cousin, Sally Willars, of Lincoln. She said: “My cousin and I are very close and her dad took us around to see the band members’ houses and I got into it.

“I have lost count how many times I have been to concerts since. I even went to see Howard, Mark and Gary when they went solo, it must be 30 or 40 times.”

Admitting that she was “gutted” when the band split up, she was thrilled to see them reunited and said: “I was living in Newcastle at the time and my friends and I queued for two hours for tickets for their first gig. We even came up with a little dance routine to their song, Pray.”

Hanna admits long suffering boyfriend, Jonathan Garry, is not such a big fan: “He has to put up with it - he has no choice in the matter!” she laughed.

If you have ideas for tweets to help Hanna’s birthday campaign, tweet them via: #getgarytohannas30th