A&E at Grantham partially reopens after fire

Grantham Hospital
Grantham Hospital

The A&E department at Grantham Hospital has reopened after yesterday’s fire.

The hospital says A&E reopened at 10pm for non-urgent conditions. Urgent cases will still be taken to other hospitals.

The hospital says a small flood caused an electrical fire in the basement at about 6.30pm. Several parts of the hospital lost power and 30 patients had to be moved to other areas.

Dr Suneil Kapadia, Medical Director at ULHT, said: “I’m pleased to say that for non urgent conditions Grantham A&E reopened this evening at 10pm (Wednesday April 20).

“Four wards including the coronary care and intensive care units (CCU and ICU) remain affected by the power cut. Until the CCU and ICU have power, a full A&E service cannot be provided. The most serious patients who may require CCU and ICU will be taken by ambulance to A&E departments in other hospitals.

“If patients are unsure where to go, please call 111 for advice.

“All operations and appointments have been postponed on Thursday April 21 as previously announced.

“Staff are working through the night to get these wards open as soon as possible. We hope to resume normal services in the next few days.

“I’d like to thank the public for being so understanding as well as neighbouring hospitals who supported us in our efforts to keep the hospital running. Finally, I’d like to pay tribute to all the ULHT staff for their fantastic efforts in ensuring the maintenance of high quality patient care despite the restrictive effects of the fire and loss of electrical power.”