Changes for “better service”

CHANGES to county ambulance services will see smaller stations set up around the county with a major ‘Hub’ based at Sleaford.

East Midlands Ambulance Service is changing the structure of its service, which will see main stations closed and replaced with strategic ‘Hubs’ and Tactical Deployment Points.

Sleaford will host one of the 13 Hubs planned for the East Midlands area, and will also host a TDP, one of 131 planned.

The other local hubs will be situated at Lincoln and Algakirk, while the alternative nearest TDPs will be at Stamford, Bourne, Boston, Grantham and Lincoln.

These Hubs will have the staff and facilities for clinicians to be provided with serviced, clean and stocked vehicles at the beginning of each shift, as well as allowing clinicians to meet with their team leaders to discuss any issues.

TDPs, resembling small cabins, will provide frontline staff with a hot drink and toilet facilities when they are at deployment points, which EMAS believe, will improve staff morale and performance, which will benefit their patients.

EMAS chief executive Phil Milligan says these changes are necessary to improve quality of services and expects response times to immediately life-threatening 999 calls to improve by five per cent.

He said: “We know that East Midlands residents have been concerned about our response times, we now have a plan to deliver long term, sustainable performance. These plans are right for patients and right for our staff.

“To continue to implement our quality strategy and to meet current and future performance standards, EMAS has to change. If we choose not to implement change, we will not be able to meet patient’s needs – as defined by response times, improve the working life of our staff, nor meet the financial challenges faced.”

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