Co-op customers can help families hit by drug misuse

Co-op. EMN-170623-155028001
Co-op. EMN-170623-155028001

Co-op customers are being encouraged to donate to Lincolnshire Action Trust through the society’s Local Community Fund.

During the next six months, customers using the Ancaster Co-op food store on Ermine Street can opt to donate one per cent of the proceeds from the sale of the Co-op’s own-brand products and services to the charity’s Young Oasis project.

Established in 2000, the project helps hundreds of young people in the county each year who are affected by their parents’ substance misuse.

Its team of experienced professionals offers support, guidance and encouragement to those aged between five and 18 years to allow them to fully express themselves and begin working through the challenges of their situation.

Laura Priestly, a support worker for Young Oasis, said: “There is no other support like it available in Lincolnshire for these vulnerable children and without it they would be left to struggle – which could lead to truancy, bullying, self-harm and even turning to illegal substances themselves.”

Proceeds from the sale of carrier bags will also contribute towards the total. Members have until October to donate to the cause.

To find out more and to contribute to the project through the Co-op’s Local Community Fund, visit: