Drug mis-users force GP surgery to close toilets to patients

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A Sleaford GP surgery has been forced to close its patient toilets after used needles were found there abandoned by drug addicts.

The toilets at Sleaford Medical Group were closed from yesterday (Monday) after the shocking discovery.

Jonathan Flint, Practice Manager at Sleaford Medical Group said: “Unfortunately we have had to take the decision to temporarily close the toilets at the practice due to a number of recent incidents where needles have been found.

“At Sleaford Medical Group we are committed to providing the highest quality safe care for our patients.

“We are continuing to review the situation and will re-open the toilets as soon as possible as we are committed to ensuring patient safety at all times when at the practice.”

The aim is to be able to police the use of the toilets and ensure no-one, particularly youngsters, may accidentally come into contact with the used needles.

But for those desperately needing the toilet, such as children or visitors with a medical condition, Mr Flint added: “Any of our patients who requires the use of the toilet are able to use the disabled facilities within the practice. 

“Alternatively, patients are able to request the key for the toilets from the reception desk.”

The matter was raised on local social media. One patient said while she was there on Monday five people were queuing for the disabled toilet, each with varying disabilities.

She said there was some confusion whether people could ask for the key to use the other toilet.

Mr Flint responded: “We have added more signage within the practice informing patients that they can request the keys if they need to use the toilets if the disabled facilities are occupied and our staff are aware of this.”