Inpatient survey aims to improve experience

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United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust is carrying out a survey to find out what patients think about the care they receive.

Managers are planning to use this feedback to improve patients’ experiences.

The results will be used to help the trust highlight areas where it performs well and to identify the areas where there is most room for improvement.

Patients who have recently been an inpatient at either Pilgrim Hospital, Boston, Lincoln County Hospital, Grantham and District Hospital or County Hospital, Louth may receive a questionnaire this month, asking about their experiences.

They will be asked about various aspects of their care, including arrival at hospital, the quality of care and treatment, communication with doctors and nurses, information, and the hospital environment.

Pauline Pratt, interim chief nurse says: “We hope that our patients will take the time to help us with this survey.

“Their views are vital in helping us to find out how we are doing and how we can improve.

“This is an excellent way for patients to help shape the services we provide in the future.”

Obtaining feedback from patients and taking account of their views is seen as important for bringing about improvements in the quality of care.

Results from the survey will be used to track patients’ experiences of care received at the Trust since the last survey was undertaken in 2013 and to find out if recent changes made to the service has led to an improvement in patients’ experiences.

This is a national, centrally coordinated survey that will allow organisations to compare their results, and will identify the trusts where patients give the most positive responses so that best practice can be shared.

Results from the 2013 adult inpatient survey can be found via the following website link

The results of the survey will be presented as an individual’s answers will not be identified.

The results will be published by United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust in April 2015.