Pregnancy advisors offering to give a talk at your events

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STAFF at Alternatives Pregnancy Advice Centre in Sleaford are raising awareness of the free services they provide, while also announcing they are more than happy to speak about their work to spread the word at meetings and social 

The centre offers help and support to anyone who needs a safe place to talk, with free pregnancy testing and confidential support to anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy, as well as information on sexually transmitted infections and contraception.

For anyone who has suffered a miscarriage or stillbirth, they hold 10-week counselling programmes and aim to educate young people who may already 
be, or are feeling pressure 
to become, sexually 

Centre manager Angeline Hennessy-Thompson said: “We have just secured funding to equip our Youth Café which facilitates a safe place to relax and provides a series of interactive teaching sessions for young people to make healthy choices with regard to their sexual behaviour, lifestyle choices and relationships.

“Also we will serve schools with interactive presentations relating to self-esteem, peer pressure, media pressure and sexual behaviour.”

If you would like Alternatives staff to come and speak at your group’s venue, call 01529 306322.