Ruskington Multiple Sclerosis sufferer who struggles to walk vows to swim half a mile for support group

Lynset Goodson. EMN-170731-161234001
Lynset Goodson. EMN-170731-161234001

A Ruskington woman diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis is to swim half a mile within an hour to raise money for a local support group for fellow sufferers, despite being barely able to walk.

Lynsey Goodson, 43, plans to be sponsored to swim 32 lengths of Sleaford Leisure Centre Pool on August 18 even though she has secondary progressive MS and is unable to walk distances without going numb and collapsing.

Having built up to the distance over the last three to four years, Lynsey expects to take about four days to recover from the epic effort and will need friends in the pool with her to keep her focussed. She also has the added danger of potential spasms holding up her swim.

Lynsey hopes to raise £500 for Sleaford Independent MS Group, a friendship group for fellow sufferers of the debilitating condition, to buy equipment and pay for minibus trips to sailability sessions.

She said the idea was dreamed up during a game of bingo. She said: “I am not able to walk distances as my leg goes numb and I have a dropped right foot meaning I can fall over at any time. Swimming is good for my physiotherapy.

“If this goes well I want to work up to swimming a mile in a couple of years.”

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