Watchdog seeks feedback on A&E night closure

Health news
Health news

Over the past few weeks local patient watchdog, Healthwatch Lincolnshire has noticed a fall in the number of public comments regarding the overnight closure of A & E services at Grantham Hospital.

United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust is currently assessing the situation and considering feedback and Healthwatch is urging patients to keep sharing their concerns about this closure.

Chief Executive Sarah Fletcher explained: “We also are keen to learn more about any specific experiences patients and their families have had where overnight A & E is required in the Grantham and District area, and as a result what they have done. For example have patients travelled to an alternative provider, and if so where, or have they waited until Grantham A & E is open, and if this is the case what impact (if any) this has had on their health?”

Contact Healthwatch Lincolnshire on 01205 820892 or email or visit the website: