Help for buyers

St John's Village development, Bracebridge Heath. EMN-150422-162108001
St John's Village development, Bracebridge Heath. EMN-150422-162108001

Buyers looking to purchase their new home can take advantage of the recently created PartXPlus being offered through Pygott and Crone.

The new facility is being offered exclusively on the £40 million development St John’s Village - the historic residential development in Bracebridge Heath.

PartXPlus ensures that the buying process moves swiftly and with ease. Nessa Asset Management purchases the existing dwelling, breaking the delay and frustration often associated with having to sell a house before moving on. Properties are valued within 72 hours and an offer made within 48 hours of the report.

Tim Downing, senior partner at Pygott and Crone, said: “It will give clients the opportunity to buy a property at this impressive and unique development without having to worry about the cost of marketing their existing home and speed up their purchase.”

The 18-acre site will provide 182 new homes and apartments - some new builds and some in the Grade II listed building. Mabec, the developer has more than 50 years’ experience, with the last decade dedicated to regeneration of older buildings.