High-tech security


Thanks to developments such as the iPad, iPhone, mobile apps and internet banking, we are all becoming more familiar with different technologies.

As a result, when it comes to the latest home security products, the market is undergoing a digital revolution.

Peace of mind and convenience are essential and, thanks to advances in technology, the latest digital security products offer both.

Take digital door locks, for example. Touch screen keypads enable doors to be opened at the touch of a button, meaning the days of hunting for lost keys are over.

There is also an increasing trend towards integrated security systems. Yale’s new CCTV system, for example, also has the ability to control and monitor the company’s Easy Fit Alarm System using the CCTV Digital Video Recorder (DVR) menu and mobile application.

If, like most people, you cannot afford the extravagance of your own personal security guard to keep an eye on your property while you are out, CCTV offers an affordable alternative.

The Yale system is available in two, four or six camera kits and offers 24-hour surveillance, with the option to view footage and control paired Easy Fit alarms using the Yale app, available from the Google or Apple store.

David Herbert, head of marketing for National Home Security Month’s lead sponsor, Yale, comments: “We now live in a world of all manner of gadgets and gizmos, from smartphones to tablets to 3D televisions, and now security products are becoming part of that market with their clean lines, sleek finishes and the power to control everything with the touch of a button.”