Housing developer seeks to reduce affordable homes on Sleaford site

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A housing developer is looking to reduce the number of properties it has permission to build on a site in the north of Sleaford.

Persimmon Homes has applied to North Kesteven District Council to reduce the number of homes at the Holdingham Mead site off Furlong Way behind McDonalds from 290 to 284 with a corresponding reduction in affordable housing provision by two to 99 units through revised site layout and house types.

The main change is the removal of an apartment block and the decision to build much larger house types in its place. The developers explain: “This provides a more interesting street scene as it allows the plots to be brought closer to the road and create a softer frontage.”

The reduction and replacement of four-bedroom affordable homes to be replaced with private ones was claimed to be a reflection of the “reduced appetite for larger affordable units in the area”. Four affordable units have been introduced in another part of the site.