Keira given a gift of freedom

Paul, Keira and Kerry Wilson of Ruskington with their new buggy. EMN-150518-142359001
Paul, Keira and Kerry Wilson of Ruskington with their new buggy. EMN-150518-142359001

A brave three-year-old from Ruskington has been given a gift of freedom thanks to a donation from a children’s charity.

Keira Wilson suffers from Non-Ketotic Hyperglycinema, a potentially life limiting condition, which affects just 1 in 60,000 children across the world and there are only 45 such children in the UK.

The terminal condition means her body cannot produce enzymes to break down glycine, which leads to seizures and other learning difficulties as well as the likelihood Keira will not live beyond childhood. The condition had left Keira unable to enjoy quality time with her family, restricting them to their home.

This is all set to change, thanks to a donation from The Boparan Charitable Trust. The Trust, a national charity, has provided the family with a specialist, big-wheeled, all-terrain Kangoo Buggy, costing more than £3,000, giving them the freedom to enjoy much needed time in the great outdoors together.

Keira’s mum Kerry, 24, who is her full time carer with husband Paul, 37, at home in Millview Road, said: “The donation from The Boparan Trust has unlocked so many opportunities for our family and given us quality time together.

“It means a lot. She can now get out and about more and she is at the right height. We are now able to go over simple things like the cobbles in Lincoln without shaking Keira about and it will be more comfortable.”

Experts have said only child Keira’s condition is terminal with cases in the UK only living until they are five, although others have lived longer in other parts of the world.

“We can only think positive,” says Kerry. “She cannot hold her head up and cannot walk or crawl, but she enjoys life, smiles and laughs. That is how we get by - knowing she can enjoy life.”

Mrs Baljinder Boparan, Trustee for the Boparan Charitable Trust, said: “We are delighted to make this donation to help make Keira and her family’s dreams come true.”

The Boparan Charitable Trust is a children’s charity which helps those with disabilities, life limiting conditions and also facing the challenges of living in extreme poverty.

Kerry said they have to take Keira for numerous hospital visits and had managed until now with a chair provided by the NHS, but had been unable to get a ramp installed to access their council house. They are reluctant to relocate the family home to another property fitted with a permanent ramp.

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