Killed cat sparks petition against speeding motorists through Ancaster

A petition has been launched to combat speeding in Ancaster.
A petition has been launched to combat speeding in Ancaster.

Ancaster residents are so incensed at motorists speeding through the village, they have started a petition calling for further enforcement and road safety measures.

It has already gathered 129 signatures, with many residents leaving comments on the issue. Among them, villager Debbie Cook wrote: “Getting out of here for work in the morning I witness cars approaching the bridge in excess of 50-60 miles an hour, and some brake at the bridge and some don’t.”

Organiser of the petition, Lynsey Draycott, said: “The speeding traffic problem is getting worse, and the added problem of not only having huge lorries speeding through our village as a short cut, but they are now regularly striking the railway bridge as they’re too high.

“We lost our beloved cat last week by a speeding driver who didn’t even stop, so it could be a child next.”

However John Siddle of the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership said enforcement measures have already been implemented, and that speeding has not been raised as an ongoing issue with them or during a walkabout earlier this year conducted by LCC Highways.

Mr Siddle said: “Ancaster village was our pilot scheme for Community Speed Watch and one of the first parishes to receive the equipment. As well as what is called the ‘Gateway Scheme’, so drivers can easily recognise they are entering a community, LCC Highways placed enhanced speed limit signs on the approaches to the village.”

The petition is at