Thursday, March 8. A SECONDARY school is celebrating after being named as the most improved school in the country.

Based on improvements in Key Stage 3 results over the past three years, the Lafford High School in Billinghay has finished top of the national league tables.

Paul Watson, who is head of both Lafford High and St George's College in Sleaford, said: "This is a tremendous achievement from the staff at the school who have worked hard over the last three years. The current partnership arrangements with St George's College have built on the work of the previous head.

"The partnership arrangements with a larger school have allowed the Lafford to recruit high calibre staff more easily and to have access to specialist staff and support as required."

Mr Watson added: "The teaching at the Lafford has improved tremendously over the last three years and the effects on the students are now coming through. The staff are very dedicated and have worked hard for the students. We look forward to seeing the Key Stage 4 results improve also."

Every student who entered the school with level 5 has moved up by two levels at least, by the end of the next key stage. Mr Watson said that he was proud of all of the students for the progress they have made.

He said: "When you take into account the ability of the students on entry, which contextualised data does, the Lafford School comes at the top nationally. This shows the real expertise and excellence within the school."