Lafford School head resigns

THE principal of the Lafford High School has resigned. Paul Watson has handed in his resignation following a very heated meeting last Thursday to discuss with parents the phased closure of the Billinghay school.

At the meeting, parents expressed how they had lost faith in Mr Watson after the Lafford was federated with St George's College of Technology in Sleaford in 2005.

They claimed Mr Watson failed to fulfil promises made when he took on headship of the school.

The meeting also called for Mr Watson's resignation as parents claimed he did not have the same passion for the school as vice-principal Nicola Irvine.

Following his resignation, Mrs Irvine has been appointed acting-head and the fight goes on to save the school from closing by 2010.

Chairman of governors Derek Daniels said: "Mr Watson listened to what was said at the meeting and he has given the parents what they want. He has answered their wishes so parents have got a chance to keep the school open."

He said Mrs Irvine received a standing ovation from other staff members when the announcement was made.

Mr Watson has been unavailable for a comment. He remains principal of St George's, the Aveland High School at Billingborough and Coteland's School, Ruskington.

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