Letters: Could you benefit from funding?


Sleaford United Charity now holds a small separate pot of money, formerly belonging to Sleaford Music Promoters or Whatever, which is to be made available to organisers of music events in Sleaford to support people’s access to music.

Applications are welcome from anyone organising a concert in Sleaford in 2015 and especially welcome if a concert organiser would like to offer subsidised tickets to people on benefits (including pensioners) or, say, families with young children, for a particular concert, or to pay for transport to get to the event.

There is a deadline of December 1 for applications or at least expressions of interest, with details of the organiser, the event and the proposal needing funding, so that decisions can be made at the charity’s next meeting. Requests, or any enquiries, should be submitted to SleafordUnited


Sleaford United Charity,

Via email.