LGBT teens support group

LGBT rainbow flag. EMN-160515-151534001
LGBT rainbow flag. EMN-160515-151534001

A new support group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teenagers is being launched next week on May 17.

Following the success of the internet and phone based support group for parents of LGBT teenagers seeking advice in Lincolnshire online at and Twitter: ‏@LGBTLincs, there is now a specific Sleaford group for anyone up to the age of 18.

It is designed to be a meeting space for the younger LGBT community. It is confidential and supportive. You may be simply questioning or seeking information, or you can go and chat and meet others in the same situation in your area.

Refreshments are provided and sessions will be from 7-10pm on the third Tuesday of each month.

Parents or carers on ‘taxi duty’ are welcome to wait in the separate cafe area. For more information and confirmation of venue, email or ring 07532339327

○ In a separate launch, LGBT Sleaford, a Facebook group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to interact confidentially, is putting on an Ultimate ‘80s night at Darmon’s Bar on July 2, with everyone welcome.

It starts at 8pm and features Miss Gloria Gold. Tickets are £5 from Darmon’s Bar or call 01529 414169.

Stuart Couling says: “We developed into a social group where we meet for nights out and for coffee at The Packhorse in Sleaford. The last coffee meet attracted 22 people.”

They are looking to raise money for a local cause - any suggestions, visit: