Lincolnshire Lionesses join mass rally in London

Lincolnshire Lionesses at the rally in Westminster on November 5.
Lincolnshire Lionesses at the rally in Westminster on November 5.

Last week, 1950s-born Lincolnshire Lionesses and their families attended Westminster to a mass rally of Women’s Pensions groups.

They were protesting about the pension increases imposed on 1950s-born women, with no or little warning, reportedly affecting around 3.8 million women.

In Lincolnshire alone, the campaigners claim that the impact on around 50,000 women, at £48,314 (6 years pension), has led to over £2.4bn being taken out of the local economy.

A spokesman said: “There is little doubt that this has affected the finances of our local high street, leaving fewer jobs for the younger generation.

“Many women have died in this time. Memorial ribbons were laid to commemorate the 82,500 women who have died waiting for their pensions.”

Hazel Dorie Bell, from Lincolnshire Lionesses, said: “We are fighting this injustice as, having paid into the system for over 45 years, we believe we would get our pensions at 60. It has been devastating to us to find the truth.

“The Government has reneged on its promises this 11th hour and this is causing real hardship and poverty. Time with loved ones stolen at the end of our lives.

“People say, “Well you wanted equality”. You can only have equality if you start with a level playing field. 1950s women have never experienced equality, from education, pay, opportunities, etc. There is still a gender pay gap. In the 1970s it was huge.

“Many had to leave jobs when they were pregnant, and women could not borrow money unless men vouched for them.”