Lincolnshire Police warning over ‘drones’


Lincolnshire Police have distributed an online leaflet warning members of the public to be safe and legal when using radio-controlled ‘drones’,

The leaflet, distributed through the ‘Lincolnshire Alert’ network online, said that the advice is being given now as the devices are expected to be a popular Christmas gift this year.

The guidance warns users that they are legally responsible for the safe conduct of each flight, and could face criminal prosecution if they fail to comply or if people or property become endangered as a result.

Drone users are also warned to keep the device in sight at all times, avoid flying over congested areas or near airports, check the drone for damage before each flight, respecting the privacy of others, and acquiring permission from the Civil Aviation Authority if the drone is to be used for any kind of commercial activity.

Visit for further information and advice from the Civil Aviation Authority.