Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner appoints deputy - against recommendation

Stuart Tweedale has been appointed the new Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner.
Stuart Tweedale has been appointed the new Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner.

The new appointment of the Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s deputy has been announced today (Wednesday, June 8).

Stuart Tweedale has been selected to take on the role despite the Lincolnshire Police and Crime Panel feeling they couldn’t recommend him for the post.

The Panel wrote to Commissioner Marc Jones, stating it isn’t able to recommend the appointment of Stuart Tweedale as Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner.

In line with its duty, the panel considered if the candidate demonstrated the professional competence and personal independence requirements necessary to undertake the Deputy PCC role.

The panel found: Professional Competence – The Panel recognised that the candidate has a range of experience, knowledge and skills but at the Hearing did not demonstrate how he could transfer these to the role of the Deputy PCC.

Personal Independence – Whilst the Panel was impressed with the candidate’s knowledge of the Nolan Principles it found that at the Hearing the candidate did not demonstrate an understanding of the principle of personal independence required to undertake the role as described by the PCC in the Hearing.

But the final say lies with Marc Jones and went ahead with the appointment.

Mr Jones said: “I am grateful for the Police and Crime Panel’s involvement in Stuart’s appointment.

“It is regrettable that due to restrictions within the legislation, the panel were placed in a very difficult position of passing judgement on Stuart’s suitability based on the narrowest of criteria which do not include the key aspects required to excel in a role which I know he will.

“During the election period I was honest with the public about my intention to appoint a Deputy.

“Stuart will be a vital and visible part of my proactive crime prevention agenda, overseeing rural issues as well as leading on community engagement work to ensure that people of all ages from across the whole county have an input into the type of policing they receive.

“Stuart is already concentrating on getting on with the role.”

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, Stuart Tweedale said: “I’m excited to be starting work.

“I look forward to very quickly getting out and about and hearing what the public want from their police service.”