Modified car enthusiasts warned to be more considerate in town car parks

Police news.
Police news.

Sleaford police are warning drivers to be more considerate after receiving several complaints about vehicle enthusiasts causing problems at Tesco and Boston Road car park in the town.

Modified car enthusiasts are gathering in the car parks and causing issues with noise and litter.

A policing team spokesman said via Twitter: “Can anyone who parks up and socialises with friends at these locations or other locations consider the residents living near by.”

He said: “There are some residents that back onto the Tesco car park and at night when the car park is empt, the car drivers are playing loud music, driving up and down, kicking balls and leaving rubbish and it is starting to cause a lot of annoyance. The same is happening in Boston Road car park.

“Speed is never a problem, but it is the rubbish, music and noise of revving engines.”

In the case of repeat “offenders” caught causing a nuisance, police can use powers to seize the car after giving an initial formal warning about anti-social behaviour.

The spokesman said: “It will cost the owner £150 to get the car back and £20 extra per day in storage.