Monster egg to aid charity

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Luxury chocolate maker Jan Hansen of Folkingham is thinking big with his latest idea to raise some money for charity this Easter.

This Saturday he will begin building a 7ft high chocolate Easter egg. Over the next three weekends it will be on display for people to pose with it for donations to St Barnabas Hospice. There will be a raffle to win prizes such as a chocolate eggs, a chicken and teddy bear.

Mr Hansen said: “I last made one 6ft high about 20 years ago. Myself and a couple of helpers will be putting the framework together on Saturday. The trick is just making sure we can get a good foothold for the chocolate to stick to the structure and it will be plastered on like chocolate cladding. Hopefully it will look amazing.”

It will be on display at Hansen’s workshop in Folkingham this weekend and the two following weekends.