Mrs Overall comes back into spotlight

Trish Burgess as Mrs Overall. ANL-150602-130649001
Trish Burgess as Mrs Overall. ANL-150602-130649001

TRISH TAKES FIVE: By blogger Trish Burgess

Ooh I am pleased! Mrs Overall, the role I played in Spalding Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Society’s production of Acorn Antiques in 2013, is having a little reprise in a few months.

I thought I had put away the floral apron and hairnet for good, but it would seem they are going to get an airing once again.

Instead of its usual spring musical, SADOS is trying something a little different this year: a show packed full of musical theatre numbers together with pop songs from past and present.

It will be performed at the South Holland Centre from May 20 to 23.

Members of the society were asked to suggest songs they would like to perform and directors Brett Moore and Elaine Deathridge have pulled these suggestions together to create a production which is now bursting with over 30 tunes.

The Magic of Music will include a live band on stage, led by musical director, Gavin Cooper, and we will be joined by younger members of Act II, Spalding’s youth theatre company. Choreographers Jane Moss and Brett Moore are already working on the dance numbers to make this a sparkling production for the eyes as well as the ears.

With rehearsals now in full swing, I am realising what good exercise AmDram is: singing and dancing, 
especially together, are a great way to keep fit.

I feel as if I’ve had a full cardio workout by the time I go home. It’s also dawning on me that learning lyrics and dance routines is tricky at my age, although I do think the old brain is starting to appreciate being tested so vigorously.

Of course the younger members of the group pick things up so quickly: they must despair of the old codgers in the society, like me, who have to ask for instructions to be repeated. “Was that a box step?” “Which foot do we start on?” “Can we go back to the 

The first big number for all the cast is ‘Flash, Bang, Wallop!’ from ‘Half a Sixpence’ with Daran Bland playing the Tommy Steel character, Arthur Kipps. I love the choreography Jane has given us for this: simple, fun and quite literal in places.

This is a good thing in my opinion: if you clap your hands and stamp your feet while singing ‘clap hands, stamp your feet’ life is so much easier.

The show will open with the cast marching onto the stage to the tune of ‘Johnny Comes Marching Home’.

The choreography seems simple enough as it just involves marching. This has proved surprisingly tough.

Overthink it and you start swinging your arms out of synch: ‘doing a spotty dog’, for those of us who remember The Woodentops. It was quite demoralising to discover I was one of the culprits and somewhat galling to think we have many weeks of complex choreography to come but I haven’t yet mastered the art of walking.

Thankfully the choreography for my Mrs O number, Macaroons, is somewhat freestyle: there’s only so much movement one can 
attempt whilst stooping with a humped back and carrying a tea tray.

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