Nocton village left its historical mark on Australia

Robert Hobart (1760-1816)
Robert Hobart (1760-1816)

A former Nocton resident who emigrated to Australia has discovered a historical connection between the Lincolnshire village and the island state of Tasmania.

Sally-Jane Brumpton was visiting the capital city Hobart in Tasmania when she noticed several references to her village of birth.

“I was astounded to come across a winery near the beautiful village of Richmond called Nocton Wines,” said Mrs Brumpton, who emigrated with her parents in 1969.

“I enquired there about the name, but had no luck.”

Upon returning home to Huskisson, New South Wales, she researched and discovered the connection went much deeper - with the city of Hobart being named after a high-profile member of parliament who owned Nocton Hall for a number of years until his death in 1816.

Robert Hobart (pictured) was the fourth Earl of Buckinghamshire and served in the American Revolutionary War (the American War of Independence), later taking on the role of Secretary of State for War and the Colonies.

Hobart in Tasmania (formerly Hobart Town) was founded in 1804 as a British penal colony and is Australia’s second oldest capital city, after Sydney.

It is not known if Robert Hobart ever travelled from his home in Nocton to visit Australia, but a portrait painting of him is kept at the state library of Tasmania.

Mrs Brumpton added: “I was so excited when I read all this - my dear old dad was pleased as punch as he was a Nocton man through and through.”