North Kesteven is one of the top places to live

NORTH Kesteven is now officially one of the top rural districts in which to live, work and do business.

In the Halifax 2012 Rural Areas Quality of Life Survey, which ranks rural local authority districts on the basis of health, education, the labour market, the housing market and the environment, places North Kesteven 13th out of 119 districts, reaffirming North Kesteven’s reputation as one of the best places in the UK to live.

North Kesteven District Council leader, Coun Marion Brighton, said: “North Kesteven’s ranking of 13th is a strong reflection on the work of NKDC and its partners in delivering high quality services that improve the lives of district residents.

“The council is committed to enhancing all aspects of life in North Kesteven. Where it is not directly responsible for this it plays an active part in any partnerships, initiatives and ways to achieve this.

“Alongside North Kesteven’s high rating among all 405 local authority areas, the Rural Areas Quality of Life Survey gives another clear indication that quality of life in North Kesteven is among the best. Our towns and villages are vibrant and well-served and set within beautiful countryside.

“Further hallmarks of North Kesteven are our strong cultural heritage and sound community cohesion, which together combine to enhance our District even further.” 

North Kesteven’s ranking reflects the district having the joint fourth lowest CO2 emissions across all rural local authority districts in the UK, together with good affordable housing, high academic achievement and a large proportion of the population regarding themselves as in good health. 

These factors outweighed poorer rankings for gross weekly earnings and employment..

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