Nostalgia - Sleaford Catholic school days

Sleaford Roman Catholic School in 1946/47. EMN-170323-171206001
Sleaford Roman Catholic School in 1946/47. EMN-170323-171206001

A former Sleaford schoolboy has shared this old photo showing his younger brother and sister as members of the old Sleaford Roman Catholic School.

Taken in 1946/1947, Tony Gostick, now aged 82 and living in Grantham, says this picture belongs to his sister Sylvia in Sheffield.

He had already left the school and joined the Alvey School where he stayed until he was 14 having missed out on a scholarship. Their father was Sleaford postmaster Les Gostick.

Tony says: “My sister is on the back row standing up and my late brother Michael is in the middle.

“They are all Roman Catholic apart from 10 or 12 Jermyn Street protestants who lived close by,” he said.

“We lived in Jermyn Street and during the war my mother decided to send us to the school behind the Roman Catholic Church so, in theory, in an air raid we could rush home, but instead the school would send us into the church and hold a service.”