Ghosthunter’s radio show wins top paranormal award

Thomas Warrington from The Pure Paranormal Radio Show, with his award.
Thomas Warrington from The Pure Paranormal Radio Show, with his award.

A ghosthunter from Sleaford is celebrating after winning a national award for his paranormal radio show.

Thomas Warrington’s The Pure Paranormal Radio Show won the ‘radio show of the year’ award at a Paraforce UK convention in Essex.

The show, which he operates from his home, has not even been running a year yet, but has already attracted international attention - with well known guests from the field of paranormal appearing in it - including authors, filmmakers and stars from the TV show Most Haunted.

Speaking about the award, Thomas said: “It was totally unexpected to be honest - a great honour to be even nominated. let alone win the title.

“The show is coming to its first birthday in November. I was a sole presenter up until around June when I approached Barry Frankish from Doncaster. He is a paranormal investigator who had previously been a guest on a few shows. He became my co-host and we have now hit a winning element within the paranormal field.”

Thomas has been involved in all things paranormal for more than 20 years.

He said investigating claims of hauntings up and down the UK has given him a greater understanding of ‘something science is yet to accept’.

“There is no question in my mind people do genuinely experience different levels of paranormal activity,” he said. “Whether it be witness accounts of apparitions or strange objects in the sky - there are too many credible accounts to simply ignore.”

His radio show is broadcast Tuesdays at 7pm. Visit