Online forum for visually impaired

Andrew Schofield, champion of the Action Connect service.
Andrew Schofield, champion of the Action Connect service.

A visually impaired Sleaford man is helping the charity Action for Blind People to launch an online community designed for people affected by sight loss.

Former aircraft engineer Andrew Schofield, 61, is championing the new social-media type service, dubbed Action Connect, after using it to make contacts and feel less isolated.

Andrew started to lose his sight in 2012. Left with severely blurred vision, he gave up his career, lost his confidence and self-esteem, and became increasingly housebound.

Action for Blind People encouraged Andrew to register with the Action Connect online community during its testing phase. He has since used the service to build a network of fellow history enthusiasts, and to research his family tree.

He said: “Being able to chat with like-minded people has been fantastic, providing a ‘window to the world’ when sight loss had made me feel isolated and alone.”

For more information or to join Action Connect, visit, email or call 01509 632407.