Parish to turn dog mess orange to tackle problem

Some councils in the county are spraying dog mess pink to 'highlight' the problem.
Some councils in the county are spraying dog mess pink to 'highlight' the problem.

Mess left by irresponsible dog walkers in a village is to be highlighted in orange.

Heckington parish councillors last week agreed to supply their volunteer dog warden with fluorescent chalk-based spray to colour piles of mess not cleared up by owners in an effort to shame them, while helping other people to avoid it.

A working group was formed following a public meeting to look at dog walking facilities in the village. Owners are banned from letting dogs off the lead on the playing field, instead being restricted to a 5m wide perimeter track for dogs on leads to protect sports pitches from fouling.

Coun Andy Garlick said the working group discussed the practicalities of enforcing a ban, then looked at positive publicity, advertising the benefits of keeping dog mess off the village streets and fields,. They also looked at adding an extra dog waste bin, possibly sponsored, and signage showing people where they can walk their dogs on the playing field to avoid confusion. These ideas will be progressed at the next meeting this month.

“Let’s be positive and encourage people to do the right thing,” said Coun Garlick.

“The volunteer dog warden suggested spray marking dog mess on pavements to draw people’s attention. It is biodegradable and does not last too long.”

The system has been used successfully in Boston and Horncastle, shaming many regular offenders into complying.