Appeal to help save guinea pig

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No Caption ABCDE EMN-190320-105829001

A crowdfunding appeal has been set up to help pay for a life-saving operation to save a beloved pet guinea pig in Sleaford.

Owner Joanna Crinks took on guinea pig Pearl from a rescue centre about a year ago. Joanna said the creature was very underweight and had lost a litter of babies.

Now the animal has a cancerous growth in one of her ovaries and needs a operation to save her life.

“I have never begged for help before, but this time I’m desperate,” she said. “I have raised thousands of pounds for animals in need and I now need help for one of my own. I am struggling to afford my family but cannot sit by and let Pearl deteriorate. Pearl has a tumour on her ovary and needs surgery to spay her and remove it. She also needs x-rays and blood tests to check if the cancer has spread. She is only two-and-a-half years old. She had babies at a very young age but they died at birth. She has been through so much already in her short life and we’re not ready to give up yet.”

Joanna hopes to raise £500. Anything over that amount will be donated to charity.

l If you can help Pearl visit